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Tweets from @dbossizhere


    "Dime Piece, You know i keep a few, She fuck me like she ugly but she Hella Cute" --D-Boss

  • Rule #1

    "Remember standing on the block, I was good with pitching, Got 2 baby momma's but its only one bitching..."  D-Boss

  • Bricks & Bitches

    "808's be knocking, Lil Momma over there watching, Side hoe get good dick my main bitch go shopping..." D-Boss

  • Monday 2 Sunday

    "I think about the days when i aint have shit, Let me take that back i kept a bad bitch..." D-Boss

  • Trap Line

    "I guess that nigga mad cause I'm selling Weight, Are maybe cause i fucked his bitch the other day...." D-Boss

  • Awwready

    "Side bitch tripping, i bought her red bottoms, I aint tripping last month my baby momma got 'em....." D-Boss